When I Was Young....


Sunday 25 February 2018

When I Was Young....

This is a sponsored post. I am not recommending any financial products, I just found the post interesting as it is something we keep talking to the boys about.

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There is definitely something about having children that makes you feel old. When you find yourself saying "when I was young...." on a daily basis. Mainly to justify just how grateful they should be for their lives. Rather than being grateful, however, they just stare at you blankly and say things like "what do you mean you didn't have e mail?"

Little man's question of  "Mummy, were you born one week after the second world war?" recently has at least been helpful in making me remember to moisturise regularly.

Sunlife have recently written a post about how life has changed in the last 100 years which highlights the changes in things from communication to dating. My husband and I were obviously a little behind the times as we met in the student union bar in the 1990's. I distinctly remember getting my Hotmail address when I was completing my Masters so internet dating would have been a little way off for me and luckily I never needed to use it.

Big man is always asking when he will get a mobile phone. We have agreed that it will be for his 11th Birthday. He has reluctantly accepted this after my tales of not getting one until I was 23. It didn't have the internet on either! Oh the fond memories I have of my first Nokia.

When I ask middle man what he would like to do for a job when he grows up, he exclaims how he has his sights set on being the biggest you tuber since Dan TDM. At middle man's age I wanted to be a teacher.  It did change from History to Science as I got older. . Can you imagine my careers advisers face if I had told them that I would like to take pictures of my dinner as a job. No one even knew what the internet was let alone dreamed of being an influencer. I for one am glad that blogging took off as I took a career break to raise my boys. The flexibility it brings is fantastic. If middle man's dreams come true then quite frankly it is a much better way for him to make money than going into teaching.

TV (or lack of it) is another thing that keeps coming up with the boys. When we went to Center Parcs recently they were complaining that there were less children's TV channels than they were used to. Well we only got to watch one channel after 3 when we were young was my husbands and my response. Oh and it wasn't always in colour. Yes kids, there will be no sympathy from us with your "only 10" channels to choose from!

It is odd how things can change in such a short time and we wonder how we ever lived life without them. I am totally reliant on my sat nav. I use social media to make an income. My life is made so much easier by my weekly shop being delivered. I wonder what the conversations will be like when my boys are parents? In my day we spent hours watching other people unbox things on you tube. Now they were the days!

What are your memories of your childhood?

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