Middle Man Turns 8


Thursday 22 February 2018

Middle Man Turns 8

The Monday of half term saw middle man turn 8. We happened to be in Center Parcs to celebrate my husbands 40th which was great news as it meant at the beginning of the break middle man could do the mini jet skis with little man and at the end of the break aqua jetting with his older brother. He also managed to convince me that he needed pancakes for lunch! There is no doubt that at the age of 8, middle man has me wrapped around his little finger. So much so I broke my no soft toy rule and got him a soft toy pug.

We had already celebrated with his friends with a gaming party. I had been reluctant to have such a party but it turned out to be really good and all the children played nicely together. If only my boys would all the time!

So what can I tell you about middle man at the age of  8? Well he is as crazy as ever. A born entertainer. He is learning magic and goes to LAMDA. I can never quite work out how he lerans his lines as he never practices. I think he may have a photographic memory.

He is obsessed with you tube and would like to start his own channel. He loves Dan TDM and as a result also loves pugs! But the apple of his eye is the same little girl as it has been for the last two years. This year he was touched that she gave him a packet of love hearts as school broke up for half term. He had a plan. We would deliver her a gift too. But he knows that Valentine's are meant to be a surprise. He would deliver his gift secretly. He would wear a disguise. I mean, who would even double take at these two Scots walking their dogs?

Middle man you make me smile every day. May the next year be a good one.

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