Meal Planning Monday 19th February


Sunday 18 February 2018

Meal Planning Monday 19th February

Excuse my absence last week as it was half term and meal planning went a bit astray. We spent a fun packed weekend at Centre Parcs and also had the most amazing Big Cat Experience at Paradise Wildlife park, all in celebration of my husbands 40th. Posts on these are all to come, but as I am still so impressed with myself for finally having the courage to feed this rather beautiful creature, I am going to share a quick picture now.

feeding a white tiger at Paradise Wildlife Park

So what are our plans for this week when it comes to food?

Monday: This is the actual day that my husband turns 40 so he is having the day off work and we are off to The Hinds Head in Bray for lunch. I am thinking the boys can have something out of the freezer for tea as I doubt my husband and I will want to eat much.

Tuesday: Roast chicken and vegetables. The chicken was on offer in Tesco so it seemed a good idea.

Wednesday: Homemade quiche. Ever since I tried a delicious one that my work colleague made, i have been wanting to make my own quiche. I will be using wraps instead of pastry as it is much lighter.

Thursday: Pork Stroganoff

Friday: Some kind of curry - probably chicken and lentils.

Saturday: Roast beef and Yorkshire puddings. We will have this a day early as middle man is at a party.

Sunday: Taco quesadillas

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