Meal Planning Feb 26th


Monday 26 February 2018

Meal Planning Feb 26th

How on earth is it only a week since half term? I think the past week may have been the longest week ever. It started rather well with my husbands 40th and a trip to the Hinds Head in Bray. We have been a couple of times before and it is always good. It isn't out there like The Fat Duck. Just really good food. Best of all was the lunch menu was only £25 for 3 courses. Not bad for somewhere with a Michelin star is it? I love that when you go to a good restaurant, you eat food that you would never have tried otherwise and it tastes delicious. I am now thinking we should try and go more often!

This coming week my husband is away for a couple of nights so I will try and make a few easy dinners. I feel like I am being pulled in 20 different directions at the moment so sometimes the easy option needs to win. I still haven't worked out what the boys will wear for World Book Day!

Last week's meal plan went well and the boys loved my homemade quiche. Will have to share a recipe for that soon.

So back to our meal plan for this week:

Monday: Sausage casserole

Tuesday: Cheesy egg and bacon muffins

Wednesday: Wrap based pizzas

Thursday: Salmon and lentils

Friday: Curry - something I have frozen.

Saturday: Duck pancakes and prawn toast

homemade prawn toast

Sunday:Beef casserole with puff pastry.

What have you got on your meal plan this week?

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