Meal Planning Mondays


Monday 8 January 2018

Meal Planning Mondays

Whilst it may only have been a week ago that I was raising a glass to see in the new year, this week has been back to work and back to normality. The Christmas holiday went by in the blink of an eye and as per usual we over indulged and have been trying to eat better this week.

looking at recipe book

One of my Christmas presents was the Jamie Oliver 5 ingredient meals and I have enjoyed making some of his quick and easy recipes this week. Rose and Pesto prawn pasta was a hit as was pancetta wrapped cod. We are continuing with more fish this week as I think we really need to eat less red meat.

So what is in our meal plan for this week?

Monday: The boys are off to karate so it is fish fingers for them and salmon fishcakes for us. I have some frozen salmon in the freezer which I am not keen on, so will use it up in some homemade fishcakes.

Tuesday: Chicken stir fry

Wednesday: The boys are off to karate again so they can have scrambled egg and chorizo bagels and my husband and I will have Salmon and chorizo.

Thursday: Another Jamie recipe - this time pork escalopes

Friday: My OH and I will have frozen curry that my sister made on Xmas eve and the boys will have a chicken korma.

Sat: Not sure yet.....

Sun: Roast chicken

Little man has also been looking through my cookery book and has chosen the apple crumble cookies to make with me :-)

Are you trying to eat differently this new year?

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