Meal Planning Mondays : Jan 15th

Monday, 15 January 2018

Meal Planning Mondays : Jan 15th

I can safely say that meal planning is helping me keep sane at the moment. I am trying to juggle so many balls, that it is so helpful to know what I am making for dinner. One less stress. Last week, I amazed myself with how good my chicken stir fry was, that I am going to make it again at the end of this week and write it up for you. I have been trying more recipes from my Jamie Oliver 5 Ingredients book, all of which have been amazing. Little man even had a go himself, making the apple crumble cookies. I think we may have made them a little bigger than Jamie intended as there were nowhere near 24, but they tasted good and were gobbled up in a day.

apple crumble cookies

This week we have something rather exciting happening. A private chef is coming to our house to cook for us and a few of our friends. Then menu sounds fantastic. Our menu is: roasted beetroot and carrots wit warm goats cheese cakes followed by duck two ways with cherries and sautéed Savoy cabbage. And to end with orange blossom posset with pistachio biscotti and an orange and pomegranate salad. I am excited just thinking about it! In preparation, we have moved around our dining table and the cooker will be getting a good old clean. I think it has made my husband realise that our kitchen would look better with a slightly smaller table. (I have been harping on about this since we moved in, in last April.)

So whilst Friday may be sorted, what about the rest of the week?

Monday: A left overs pie made from left over ham and roast chicken from last week.

Tuesday: Tacos. Mainly using up some bits I found in my cupboard clear out this week.

Wednesday: Hot dogs. We seem to have a freezer full of rolls!

Thursday: Chicken with cheese and ham.

Friday: The boys will have a quick and easy pasta and sauce whilst we enjoy a meal courtesy of La Belle Assiette.

Saturday: Stir fry chicken chow mein

Sunday: Lasagne - batch cook an extra one.

Little man is also keen to make some chocolate orange shortbread that he has seen in my recipe book. We have agreed he can use some of his chocolate orange to top it with.

What have you got planned for this week?


  1. Those cookies look fab! The bigger the better. hehehe
    Oh wow! How exciting to have a private chef cooking for you. Enjoy!
    We're having Lasagne on Sunday too. It will make a change from the roast dinner we usually have x

    1. I know I saw and thought how funny! We have been having roasts most weeks as the boys love it. So excited to have a private chef - I love the idea as we don't have anyone around to babysit so don't get out much together x

  2. How exciting to have someone come in and cook for you! Can't wait to hear about how it goes. Chocolate orange shortbread sounds amazing too. I also have put chicken stir fry on our list this week and have tried adding a chilli sauce to give it some variety.

  3. Those cookies look delicious. I've got that recipe book so going to have another flip through tonight when I'm relaxing. Always looking for a simple dinner for the meal plan!

    Thanks for linking up and enjoy your private chef - sounds lush!

    1. So far the recipes I have tried have been great x

  4. Louise, you have said exactly why I still meal plan, it keeps me SANE! As much as life takes over it is one area that I feel I can have some control of. I love my Jamie book too. Thank you for sharing with #MealPlanningMonday x