Meal Planning Mondays: 22nd Jan


Monday 22 January 2018

Meal Planning Mondays: 22nd Jan

I am pleased to say that last weeks meal plan worked well. Apart from the fact that the lasagne I had planned turned into a spaghetti bolognase as little man piped up that he didn't like lasagne!

On Friday we were treated to a private chef from La Belle Asiette, which was amazing. I will be writing a review in more detail soon, but it really was something special. Our main course was duck with cherries - my photo does not do it justice.

duck with cherries from a La Belle Asiette Chef

In other news, my husband had his bag taken from a train this week and has spent the weekend trying to re-buy the essentials. It is amazing how much fits in one small suitcase! We are hoping that it was taken by mistake, but whether we getting back again is another matter. He is away a couple of nights this week so there will be some quick and easy meals for me and the boys.

Monday: Salmon and vegetables

Tuesday: Chicken burgers

Wednesday:  Pizza and baked beans

Thursday: Scampi and chips

Friday: Probably pasta for the boys and curry from the freezer for my and my husband.

Saturday: Sweet and sour chicken and egg fried rice

Sunday: Pasta and dough balls

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