5 Tips For Hosting A Christmas Party


Tuesday 19 December 2017

5 Tips For Hosting A Christmas Party

I can hardly believe that Christmas is just around the corner. If you are anything like me, you will have friends and family visiting for nearly two weeks solid. I thought I would put some hints and tips together, to help you along the way.

1. Remember Allergies And Vegetarians

It is so easy to forget to cater for your friends that don't or aren't able to eat the same food as you. Make sure that you have some vegetarian alternatives and don't forget any friends with allergies. Tesco sent me a fantastic cake mix from there free from range along with some other goodies so that I could make sure everyone was catered for at my party.

Here is a look at the packaging so you can see what is in it.

ingredients free from cake mix Tesco

It was so simple to use that little man helped me bake it.

Once cooked I cooled it in the fridge and then cut around the jumper. I then made some butter cream up (mine was to cater for a gluten free friend as I used butter.) and then covered the cake in it. Finally I decorated the cake with the sprinkles and chocolate in the kit. (I made the chocolate reindeer on grease proofed paper and transferred onto the cake when set, just incase I went wrong.)

The best thing was that it tasted really good and everyone was able to enjoy it. Little man made sure that he was trying it after baking it.

2. Use your freezer

It is so hard to work out how much everyone will eat and it is often less than you think. Keep some sausage rolls and mini cakes in the freezer that can be quickly made up if it looks like you are going to need more food. This saves waste and gives you piece of mind, if extra guests arrive.

3. Drinks

If you have children coming then individual bottled drinks are the way to go. It may be slightly more expensive that squash and glasses but spillages will be reduced. Don't forget to get some soft drinks in for the adults too. Not everyone wants to drink mulled wine at lunchtime so remember to get some adult soft drinks too.

4. Christmas Music

Set up a playlist before the party. It doesn't all have to be Christmas songs, but make sure it is appropriate. In the summer we let the boys sort the music out and I was running to turn off the explicit Gansta rap song they had accidentally pressed. I have also made the mistake of putting on a Christmas CD before thinking it would be fine and it was the most depressing set of Christmas songs you could have imagined!

5. Prepare as much as you can in advance

The last thing you want to do at a party is spend your time hidden away in the kitchen. Prepare as much as you can in advance and don't worry about using some pre prepared food from the supermarkets. Your guests will be more interested in spending time with you rather than Michelin starred canapes. These cheese and marmite sausage rolls are great to make ahead of time, and for dessert, you can't go wrong with these raspberry brulee. If you are looking for cute cupcakes then how about these penguins or polar bears?

So it leaves me to wish all my family and friends a very Merry Christmas. I will be around on social media over the next few weeks but will be spending lots of time with my nearest and dearest. Thanks for reading this year and here's to a wonderful 2018.

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5 Tips For Hosting A Christmas Party

Thanks to Tesco who provided me with a hamper full of goodies for hosting a party in exchange for this post.

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