One Birthday Down...Meal Planning Monday

Monday, 20 November 2017

One Birthday Down...Meal Planning Monday

Well I have been unusually quiet this week as I settle into work. My husband has been working away and I currently feel as though I am trying to be superwoman. Little man turned 6 and his candy grabber was a big hit. I won't lie, I really want to have a play with it myself. His party went well and thankfully most of the food was eaten.

I made him a hedgehog Birthday cake and will share the recipe soon. I have to admit that I thought it would be easier to make than it was!

hedgehog cake

This week my little nephews are visiting from Spain, so I need to try and be even more organised. So what are we eating?

Monday: The boys are off to karate at 6pm so it is a quick sandwich type tea.

Tuesday: The boys are off to a pizza party so they wont need tea, my OH is away with work so I will eat something from the freezer.

Wednesday: Tuna jacket potatoes.

Thursday: My biggest boy turns 10! A decade! I am in denial! For his choice of dinner it is steak and chips with onion rings.

Friday: I am working all day and our guests will arrive early afternoon so I think my slow cooker will come out with beef and potato stew plus ready rolled puff pastry and steamed veg.

Saturday: Apparently my 5 year old nephew wants a pub lunch as long as sausage and mash is on the menu. I will therefor do something easy like spaghetti carbonara and pizzas for teas.

Sunday: Our guests fly home and I will probably just want to sleep all day from an exhausting week, so something out of the freezer is in order.

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  1. That cake looks fab! Happy birthday to your boys! What a great choice your eldest has made for his birthday meal. It sounds like you have such a busy week planned x

    1. I have to say I was pleased with steak and chips :-)

  2. I love the cake! Working, blogging and home life is so much harder than I thought, yes I thought I could do it all. I hope you had a great week with your visitors. The new linky will be live tomorrow xx