Birthdays, Batch Cooking And Meal Planning


Monday 13 November 2017

Birthdays, Batch Cooking And Meal Planning

I have decided that after last weeks good news, over the next few weeks, I need to organise myself and get back into the swing of meal planning. I find that it helps in many ways. It cuts costs as you use up what you have in the cupboards. I also find it helpful so I know who in the family is around and when. I think family logistics are only going to get worse the older the boys get. This weekend is going to be left blank as it is little mans Birthday. Yes, my baby turns 6! I thought I had got away without the need to bake a cake, but it appears he now wants me to copy one he has seen in the shops.....

So here is this weeks meal plan:

Monday: The boys are going to karate at 6pm so something quick, easy and not to heavy like cheese and ham omlette.

Tuesday: My husband is away so only cooking for 4. Chicken, potatoes and spinach in a garlic and lightly curried dish. I will make this on Monday and just re heat. My boys love fried potatoes and the chicken and spinach will make it into a meal rather than a side dish.

Fried Potatoes

Wednesday: My husband is away so only need food for 4. Pasta. The boys love it and it is quick and easy.

Thursday: Meat and potato pie. As part of my batch cooking efforts last week, I have a frozen beef and potato stew. I will cook this with puff pastry and frozen veg.

Friday: Take Away! A treat for two reasons. Firstly I will have made it through my first week as a TA. Secondly, it is little mans early Birthday treat. He loves sweet and sour chicken so it will be Chinese.

Saturday: No plans as it is little man's Birthday and it will depend on what we decide to do in the day.

Sunday: Party food for tea, and something quick and easy for lunch as it is little man's gymnastics party.

Hijacked By Twins

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