5 Tips For A Frightfully Good Time At Kidzania London


Thursday 26 October 2017

5 Tips For A Frightfully Good Time At Kidzania London

If you are off to Kidzania London soon, you are sure to have a frightfully good time. We have just come back from a fun filled day thanks to Snazaroo. It was our first visit and I was unusually disorganized. I put a shout out on Facebook and Twitter just before we left and got some great responses so thought I would put together my 5 top tips to ensure you have a good time if you are visiting soon.

shopping task at Kidzania
This mainly illustrates that Mummy internet shops and they weren't used to shopping from a list!

1. Prebook parking. 

My friend suggested this, but as I read it 10 mins before we were leaving we didn't. The advantage of doing this is that it only costs £6 for the day rather than the £8 if you pay on arrival. You can do this by signing up to Smart Parking and pay before you arrive.

2. Go to the things you really want to do first.

This tip was from a lady I was talking to whilst waiting in a queue for the drum session. She had been before and suggested that activities like Firemen are really popular and best done early. Infact, when we go again (the boys are very vocal that we will go back!) I will book into the 9.30 slot. We had tickets for 10am which was good, but as the hours ticked by the queues did get longer as more people arrived. It is to be expected in such an attraction, especially at half term, but it was more pleasant earlier in the morning. Out of the activities my boys did, the courier and newsroom were the biggest hits.

3. If you see a short queue make the most of it!

I feel like we were really lucky in that as it was our first visit, the boys didn't mind what they did. This meant that if we walked past something with a short queue we did it. This enabled big and middle man to work in a newsroom and little man to play the drums. If they had had a fixed idea of what they wanted to do we could have spent half our time in a queue.

weather forcast at Kidzania

4. Get a spooky makeover at Snazaroo

Snazaroo offer face painting at Kidzania. Usually this will cost 15 Kidzos, however, this Halloween, it is free! As facepainting is often an added expense on a day out, its not something they would do often I would have been happy for them spending their Kidzos on it under normal circumstances (see tip 5!) Little man decided to be a vampire.

vampire face paints snazaroo

I was impressed with the face-painter who was really good and really quick! When I saw the queue I was worried it would take a long time but she advised it only takes her 3-4 mins a child.

Middle man was my little devil.

devil face painting Snazaroo

And big man wanted a witches nose added so was a goblin/wizard! The make up artist advised that it is less busy before 1pm.

goblin face paint snazaroo

Snazaroo are also running a chance to win some products and Kidzania tickets this Halloween. You can find the details here. Snazaroo want to see your made up monsters doing the Halloween dance in the KidZania Theatre. This was the last activity the boys did and I was really impressed with how well the group did at learning a dance in less than 20 mins. I think middle man really is born for the stage.

KidZania Theatre

5. Pay for activities rather than save your Kidzos.

Another tip from a friend and yet again, great advice. At Kidzania the children can earn money for doing jobs. At the end they can use the money they have earnt to buy something from the shop on the way out. However, some activities mean they have to pay money to take part. My friend suggested that the latter was the best way to use their Kidzos, as even if they work really hard for 4 hours they won't be able to cash it in for much more than a pencil or party bag style toy. Therefore if there is an activity they like the look of they may as well spend their Kidzos on that instead. My boys did this on the Cadbury's chocolate making which meant they got a small chocolate at the end too which made them smile. My boys came out with between 60 and 75 Kidzos. The cheapest thing to buy was a pencil at 45 Kidzos then there are a couple of things for 75. Lots of items are much more and children are encouraged to save their money and cash it in on another visit.

I will be writing a more in depth review of our day over on A Strong Coffee To Go in the near future, but if you are off there this half term, this will certainly help your day go smoothly. Enjoy!

We received complimentary tickets to KidZania but all opinions are my own.

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