Awesome Little Green Men Review


Thursday 14 September 2017

Awesome Little Green Men Review

When I was offered to review Awesome Little Green Men, I thought they would be perfect for middle man. He likes little collectibles. He still plays with his Moshi Monsters and World of Warriors. He often sets up battles in his castle so I thought it would be just the thing.

Awesome Little Green Men

I will be completely honest and say I was a little disappointed when the package turned up. We were sent the Awesome Little Green Battle Pack retailing at a whopping £24.99 and a couple of Blind Boxes at a more affordable £3.99. My disappointment was mainly regarding the size. They were much bigger than I was expecting. Now don't get me wrong, they are still small but each stand a couple of inches tall,. I had thought they would be smaller. I was initially concerned as to whether they would break, but on getting them out of the box, it was clear they were well made.

Middle and little man did not share any of my concerns and were excited to get them out of the box. The Battle Deluxe Pack comes with eight soldiers (three in a vehicle), eight dog-tags, a new recruits poster and game guide. My boys were mainly excited about the soldiers and what they were wearing and /or driving. They weren't really interested in the dog tags at all. When it came to the game it was a bit over their heads. They were happy setting up their own battle and doing their own thing.

Awesome Little Green Men Battle

They loved the Blind Boxes as there is the suspense as to which character you might get. They were keen to identify them on their guide and were really excited to have a super rare figure.

Only time will tell as to whether this becomes something they play with a lot or is a bit of a fad. If you have a child that likes role playing battles then this is probably something they would enjoy.
Awesome Little Green Men are available to buy in Tesco, Smyths and Toys R Us. To find out more information about Awesome Little Green Men and The Battle Game, visit their website.

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