A Lego Themed Room With Mayka Toy Block Tape


Tuesday 12 September 2017

A Lego Themed Room With Mayka Toy Block Tape

Middle man loves Lego, so there was no surprise when he asked that his new bedroom would have a Lego theme. It is currently a work in progress but has been helped greatly by my latest review which is that of the Mayka 4 stud 2m toy block tape.

Mayka toy block tape

I feel that I should start this review by telling you that I am a Lego snob. In my opinion there are no other toy blocks that compare to the quality of Lego. I would not usually even consider buying anything that says Lego compatible. If it isn't Lego branded then I am not interested.

However, when it comes to decorating a room with a Lego theme I am less fussy. I was keen to try out the tape to see whether it looked good. I also wanted middle man to be able to stick Lego pieces onto it if he wished.

The tape we were given was the 4 stud variety but you can purchase it in 2 stud. The reel it comes in makes it look like there is more than there is. At each 50cm you can see a slight join so that may be worth keeping in mind for any projects you have in mind.

I decided that we would use the tape to jazz up the old ikea storage units that middle man keeps his Lego bricks in. It was simple to cut to size (although using scissors can be hard to get straight.)  It is also great as the adhesive is removable so if you stick it in the wrong place you can easily adjust it.

Toy block tape on ikea storage

I also edged a shelf under his midsleeper as well as making up a picture frame with the remaining pieces.

Toy block tape

I have to say I am really impressed. If I was going to put it on the wall (which I am thinking of doing) I would probably buy a couple of rolls. The fact that it doesn't mark the surface it sticks to and can be removed easily is a big thumbs up from me.

But the all important question is what does middle man think?

Well he has been lining up his Lego men in an imaginary queue to use the toilet. There is also a famous you tuber in the line! Sometimes it is best not to know what middle man thinks, but as he has been playing with it, I take that as a big thumbs up too.

toy block tape with Lego on

The Toy Block Tape comes in a variety of colours and is currently retailing at £14.99 in Argos. For some more ideas of using the tape check out Helpful Mum's review.  You can also visit the Makya World website to find out more.

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