Tea With A Tiger In Hertfordshire. Redletter Days Experience At Paradise Wildlife Park


Friday 30 June 2017

Tea With A Tiger In Hertfordshire. Redletter Days Experience At Paradise Wildlife Park

One of the great things about being a Red Letter Days Ambassador is that I get to try out experiences like Tea with a Tiger, which I would not have usually chosen for myself. The Tea with a Tiger experience takes place at Paradise Wildlife Park in Hertfordshire in a village called Broxbourne. The experience includes a guided tour with a member of the specialist cat team followed by afternoon tea at the Treetops Cafe where you can enjoy tea and cake with a view of the tigers. You are then able to enjoy the rest of the park for the day.

snow leopard at Paradise Wildlife Park

Our guide was really informative as we walked around the park. I was expecting the talk to be more focused on the Big Cats, but it was really about all the animals we passed on the way over to the Treetops Cafe. Here is a short video to give you an idea of some of the animals you can see.

I have to admit I have mixed feelings about zoos. However, our guide did make me feel more comfortable about them. He explained that Paradise Wildlife Park was previously Broxbourne Zoo which wasn't the nicest of places with small cages. A new owner is turning this around and they are going through a process of building new enclosures and making it a nicer environment for the animals. Whilst you may look at the cardboard around this tiger in the video and think that its rubbish that hasn't been cleared away, it is actually enrichment. To make things more stimulating, a treat is often hid inside some boxes so that the animals can find it.

Tiger at wildlife paradise park

Our guide explained that white tigers aren't a natural species and often have genetic mutations. You may therefore wonder why there is one at the park. This one had been rescued from life at a circus.

white tiger Paradise Wildlife Park

Again he mentioned that whilst we often worry about animals being by themselves, many would lead a solitary life in the wild.

At the end of our tour we went to the Treetops Cafe where we were treated to afternoon tea. If you are expecting a One Aldwych style afternoon tea, you will be disappointed. However, if you are happy to fill up with some sandwiches, cakes and scones then it is just the thing. It was tasty and kept me going so I could explore the rest of the park. It is also worth noting that anyone visiting the park can go here and purchase tea and cake themselves.

One thing I am gutted I missed out on was Paraqueet feeding. If you visit the park, I would make sure you check the times and give this a go. May from Eat Cook Explore did this and it looked fantastic. For £1 extra you can feed the birds with a pot of nectar.

The park is quite small meaning it is great for little ones to walk around. There are a number of playgrounds and a small train.

Otters at Paradise Wildlife Park

The otters are fascinating to watch as are the penguins. The penguins weren't that keen on the cold weather and spent most of the day hidden. However, at 4 o'clock they knew that feeding time was imminent and came out ready for their fish!

penguins at Paradise Wildlife Park

Our tour was on a dreary day mid week, and I do feel the park would come to life more on a sunny day in the holidays. Whilst I enjoyed the experience if I was booking one for myself I think I would go for the rather special (if a lot more expensive) Feeding The Big Cats Experience that Red Letter Days also offer at Paradise Wildlife Park. One of the best things about buying a Red Letter Days voucher is the flexibility. If you purchase one as a gift and for whatever reason the recipient isn't sure (why wouldn't your 65 year old Mother want to do an indoor skydive!?!) they can swap it to something more suitable.

Thanks to Red Letter Days and Paradise Wildlife Park for a lovely afternoon.

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