Our Eurocamp Holiday At Marina De Venizia


Wednesday 28 June 2017

Our Eurocamp Holiday At Marina De Venizia

When we arrived at our Eurocamp Vista mobile home at Marina De Venizia in Italy I was slightly concerned. Not because the site didn't look good. It was the opposite - it looked amazing. Not because the mobile home looked rubbish. No that seemed fine, with everything we would need for the week. My concern arose due to my husbands first question to me.

"So what days does the maid come?"

I panicked. Whilst I had spent my childhood holidays with Eurocamp, my husband had not. Clearly my husband, who is used to 4 and 5 star hotels paid for by his work, hadn't grasped the concept that this was a self catering holiday. Would a man preferring 5 star luxury enjoy a Eurocamp self catering holiday?

Eurocamp mobile homes

Well I am pleased to say that once we had established that maids weren't part of the Eurocamp package, things got better. We had a look around our mobile home and it had everything we needed. We had ordered bedding, towels and beach towels as an extra with the mobile home booking. I would certainly do so again as it freed up space in our luggage.

Tired from travelling, we grabbed a take away pizza from one of the parc's restaurants and headed back to our mobile home to relax.

The next morning we went to pick up our campsite passes and collect our passports which we had left on arrival. The camping passes contained our all important wifi codes! There was one hour of free wifi a day using a special security code. Unfortunately, whilst most of the mobile homes would have been covered by wifi, ours was just a little bit too far out to use from the mobile home. Having said that, I actually enjoyed taking a break from it all.

underwater photo

The Eurocamp (and all other tour opertators) mobile homes were at the far end of the parc. Under the shade of pine trees. With the 30C heat in May, we were thankful for the shade. I didn't realise at first but we were the only mobile home in our row which had a tree in our decking. I kind of liked this. I felt it made our mobile home a bit special. That was until one day a pigeon decided to give me some luck! (or not as it felt at the time.)

We spent our first couple of days exploring the parc. It is located next to the beach, which has lifeguards patrolling. The thing that made our holiday was the fantastic swimming pool complex. Far better than any hotel we have stayed in. It was huge.

swimming pools at marina de venizia

Most of the pools were heated, meaning it was a pleasure to get in them. If you wanted to use a sunbed then there was a charge. This meant that they weren't all being kept by someones towel who had disappeared for the day. If you didn't want to pay, there were plenty of places you could leave your belongings. The complex had an olympic sized swimming pool and this is where aqua aerobics took place. There were three "big" waterslides for children over 1.2m (an adult could go down the slowest with a child under this height.) My boys loved the wave pool which was activated 4 times a day, and there were an array of other heated pools for varying ages. There really was something for everyone.

The reason we had decided upon this Eurocamp site was that you could easily do a day trip into Venice. Port Sabbioni is a short drive (5 mins) from Marina De Venizia. Here you can pay between 5 and 7 euros to park your car for the day. A return boat ride to Venice costs 10 euros per person (under 6's are free - well done little man for being 5!) There are also various travelcard combinations you can buy depending on when and where you want to go. A day trip around the islands costs 20 euros per person.

Venice was absolutely stunning. Whilst we didn't get to do the museums due to the boys lack of interest, we did get to go on a gondala ride. This is now little man's favourite mode of transport. At 80 euros a pop (100 euros in the evening) we had to tell him it was a one off experience.

gondalas in venice

As I said we also visited the islands. I will do a more in depth post on this, but Murano was by far the biggest hit with the children. Watching a man make a horse out of a ball of molten glass is pretty mesmerizing. Walking through a shop full of glass with my husband and 3 boys was slightly terrifying with lots of "be careful" shrieks.


The parc and mobile home had everything we needed. It is perfect for a weeks stay. I loved that staying in a mobile home gave us flexibility. We didn't need to get dressed to go for a lengthy dinner if we didn't fancy it. We could have a light lunch on the decking. We were able to treat the boys to ice creams without having to sell a kidney as we could buy them at the supermarket and pop them in the freezer. If you want to see Venice with kids, I honestly believe this is the way to do it. They had the time of their lives and so did we. Our mobile home even had much needed air conditioning. Venice was a 45 minute boat ride away and we made some fantastic memories.


A big thank you to Eurocamp who provided us with the Vista mobile home in return for an honest review.

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