Creating A Relaxing Master Bedroom

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Creating A Relaxing Master Bedroom

One thing I wanted to create in our new house was a relaxing master bedroom. Somewhere that wasn't filled with toys, What is it with my boys moving their toys into my room anyway? I have had a dinosaur on my bedside table for 3 weeks!

For me, a relaxing bedroom means a few things. I like to have some low lighting that can be put on at night time. Some nice ornaments and pictures and most of all a welcoming bed. Our ensuite has a hotel feel to it and I was quite happy to go down the same route for our bedroom.

The bedroom had been painted just before we moved in my the previous owners. Luckily I liked their choices as it was similar to the colour we had in our old bedroom. Our back wall is pained a blue/grey colour with the remaining walls cream. The curtains were left by the previous owners and although they are something I would never have purchased myself, I actually quite like them. So for now they will stay.

On the windowsill I have a few ornaments and a rather stunning black and white picture of middle man as a toddler.

bedroom window

My friend recently took me to an interior design shop, where quite frankly I could have spent a fortune. It was also great for ideas. There was a bed which had quite a plain duvet cover and then on top of it were some textured cushions which really made the whole bed look luxurious. I decided to take on this approach for my new bedroom.

duvet cover

I had actually been looking for a duvet cover for quite some time without much success. When an e mailed landed from Home Space Direct  I thought it was a great opportunity to see if ordering online would work for ordering duvet covers. I actually found myself lost for hours looking through the duvet covers available. There are a range of prices which appeared competitive compared to some of the other websites I had been looking at for such items. I eventually decided to go for this Grosvenor white duvet.

As you can see it has a very subtle line pattern. It is 1000 thread count 70% cotton and 30% polyeseter. It is comfortable to sleep in, looks fresh and can be machine washed and tumble dried.

For the lighting, I was really pleased that my Cable and Cotton ball lights matched the new room. I decided to hang these from a small hook from the ceiling. Another matching item is my "likes" poster that my sister made me. It still makes me smile that she put that I dream of being a number one blogger, but missed off a strong coffee to put down wine as my drink of choice! Actually she is probably right!


On my husbands side of the bed we have our old bedside lamp and a collection of books that match in colour. I have left these as they match the ottoman at the end of the bed, however, I am thinking that I shall look for more of a grey coloured lampshade for it, to tie in better.

I picked up these grey cushions from Asda which were an absolute bargain. The velvet style ones were £5 each and the diamante ones £7. I think they help give a luxury and relaxing feel to the room.

corner of bedrrom

So there you have a peek into my new master bedroom. The new bedding really has made it feel more inviting. It put my old white duvet to shame as it turned out it wasn't that white anymore. What tips do you have for creating a relaxing master bedroom.

creating a relaxing master bedrrom

We were provided with the duvet cover for the purpose of this post.

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  1. I love your new bedding and sequined cushions. I laughed that your books coordinate with your lamp. I've done the same with handcream and my lamp �� #bloggershomes