Pond Dipping And Tree Climbing

Saturday, 20 May 2017

Pond Dipping And Tree Climbing

I am always moaning at the boys that they need to get off the x box or stop watching Dan TDM and go outside and play. This is usually followed by, but what shall we do. I guess the main problem is that they are a bit too young at the moment to go on bike rides, and there is only so much football in the back garden they can play. 

pond dipping kit

Big man is my little scientist, so I knew he was going to like this pond dipping kit from Green Board Games. But would it convince middle and little man that a trip to the local pond was more fun than watching Dan TDM and his Pugs?

On the walk there we had a big task on our hands. To find a stick. Reasonably long, but not too thick. A perfect stick to be the pole to our net. 

Then finding the perfect spot. But what would we find?

It was lovely to see the boys excited. At first all it looked like was a few bits of dirt.

But then a closer look revealed a number of little creatures. The identification chart was a god send here. Usually they look to Mummy to advised on what they have found. I have to say that pound life isn't my chosen subject for Mastermind!

looking for pond creatures

They took it in turns to see use the net and see what they could find. Next time we are going to take a bigger tray!

Then it was time to pack away and climb a few trees before heading home.

The best thing though was that they loved pond dipping and have asked when they can go again. Finding an activity that all three boys and I like can be tricky, but pond dipping is now on my list of activities to get them outside in the school holidays.

Have you taken your children pond dipping? Did they enjoy it?

Country Kids

Thanks to Green Board Games for providing us with the pond dipping kit.

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