ROBLOX Toys Series 1 Unboxing And Review


Monday 3 April 2017

ROBLOX Toys Series 1 Unboxing And Review

ROBLOX fans will be pleased to know that series 1 ROBLOX Toys have arrived in the UK and my boys were lucky enough to be sent a package to review.

I always thought I would be "down with the kids." However, it turns out I am really not! When I was asked if my boys were into ROBLOX, I replied with a "I think so....." You see they get over excited when they are telling me things and it turned out that I was an out of touch Mum who thought it was called Road Blocks.

Anyway, they do play it and were keen to receive a surprise package. Middle man is an avid subscriber of Squirrel Stampede, so had seen some of the toys when they hit the United States. He therefore wanted to do an unboxing video himself for you tube. (Middle man is keen to be the next Dan TDM or open a joke shop when he is older.)

As an adult who doesn't really understand the game, I wasn't really sure of the attraction of the toys at first. However, middle man loves small characters of all varieties. Lego men, Grossery Gang, Moshi Monsters back in the day. He just loves these little things and the ROBLOX people are great as they come apart. You can mix and match them. We received Mr Bling Bling and  Work at Pizza Place, both of which come with online codes to redeem an exclusive online item.  Middle man has had their legs on their arms, wearing different hats, making different people. It has kept him happy and he has played with them every day since they arrived.

Personally I find these type of characters good, when they decide they want a ROBLOX themed cake for their Birthday!

Middle man really likes the mystery packs and was excited when he saw that there were 40 to collect. I can see some of his pocket money being spent on these.

Are your children into ROBLOX? Have they got any of the characters yet?

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