Priorities For A New House: Man v's Woman


Wednesday 19 April 2017

Priorities For A New House: Man v's Woman

So you may have noticed that I have been missing in action the past couple of weeks. After nearly a year, we have finally moved our family home. Now I am not one for change, so it was only a mile away and the boys are still at the same school. We said goodbye to the house we had bought our babies home to, and I am so pleased I made a little tour of it, before it was filled top to bottom with cardboard boxes.

moving house

Having not moved for 10 years, what has struck me more than anything is how much there is to do. We chose a house that we could live in from day one. Ok, some of the decor isn't to my choosing but we can change that as we go. The people we bought from were possibly the loveliest people ever. They left us furniture, curtains, lights, white goods. More than we could possibly imagine. Now trust me not everyone is like this. When my sister moved into her (more expensive) house, the sellers even took the lightbulbs!

However, it is the little things that you don't realise you will need that all start to add up. My sister kindly offered to have the boys to stay the weekend after our move. This was a Godsend. We can just about bribe them to look around one department store with the promise of a happy meal or cake, but as we had several plus ikea on the cards, doing it as a couple was much easier. So the night before our mammoth trip my husband and I wrote lists of what we needed.

My list:

Toilet roll holders x 2
Bath mat x 2
Pedestal mat for the kids bathroom
Free standing towel rail
Bins for the bathroom
Hanging rail for middle mans room
Pots for the two plants we had moved from our old house
New lightshade for the light in our bedroom
Low level storage for conservatory
Look for a bed for little man
Look for a desk and storage for big man
Wipe clean tablecloth for kitchen/placemats
Storage boxes for middle mans room
New frying pan
Bedside tables

My husbands list:

New sheet for our bed
A big TV
Sonos system

Needless to say we now have a stereo system that can be accessed from multiple rooms, have a lovely nights sleep and are currently deciding just how big a TV screen we require.

Have you moved recently? What would your top priority be?

And then the fun began...

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