Jamie Raven Card Magic Review

Thursday, 23 March 2017

Jamie Raven Card Magic Review

When I saw the Jamie Raven Card Magic set, I knew that big man would love it. He didn't watch Britain's Got Talent so wasn't aware of who Jamie was, but what 9 year old boy doesn't like magic tricks. The set is small and focused on card tricks, other sets in the series include magic of the mind, sleight of hand and street magic.

Jamie Raven Card Tricks

On opening the box I was initially shocked that there were no instructions. To be honest I was a little disappointed that big man would need to access the internet in order to learn how to do the trick. However, I was wrong. This is the beauty of the set. How many times have you tried to work out the instructions on how to do a trick? It isn't easy reading instructions and trying to work out what to do. A video tutorial is infact much easier to follow.

I signed up on the website and gave my email. I was then sent the password to access how to do the tricks and set big man off on his own.

In about half an hour he came downstairs and was beaming from ear to ear after he performed his first card trick for me.

Jamie Raven Card Tricks set

Here is a little vlog we have made.

I am really impressed with the kit, as is big man. He now has the other magic sets in the series on his Birthday present list! Oh and he would also like to see Jamie Raven on tour.

You can purchase the Jamie Raven Card Magic from Amazon

We received Jamie Raven Card Magic in return for an honest review

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