Monday Morning Super Powers. What Are Your npower Parenting Super Powers?


Monday 6 February 2017

Monday Morning Super Powers. What Are Your npower Parenting Super Powers?

Our usual Monday morning starts something like this:

Mummy where is my book bag?

Mummy where is my water bottle?

Mummy I haven't got a school jumper.

Mummy where is my Maths homework?

Mummy where are my trainers?

Mummy my school shoes have disappeared!

Pretty much every week, we have this scenario. All before 7.30am. Sometimes it is even before I have had my coffee. With three small boys there are a lot of Mummy where is questions.

By 8 o'clock I have found 20 missing items. Then I walk into middle man's room to make sure he is dressed. Of course he never is. He is usually sat in his pants, surrounded by Lego and reading his Pokemon encyclopedia.

"Why aren't you dressed?" I shriek.

"I can't find my school uniform."

"Argh! It is in your wardrobe where it always is!"

"Oh, I didn't see it there." he says nonchalantly, whilst flicking over the page of his book.

I won't lie, when I was little I never thought I would have good vision. Two eye operations before the age of 7. A patch like a pirate. I was told that as I had a squint I would never be able to pilot a plane. Therefore my superpower came as a bit of a shock. However, it appears that I have supervision. A special power to find things that are often right infront of my boys. Yet they, with perfectly good eyesight, can't see them.

Middle man is all for utilizing my special powers. He is Lego mad, just like his Mummy. I was so pleased when he asked for a giant set for Christmas. It would be something we could work together on. Build together and bond as mother and son. As he unwrapped it on Christmas day, you could see his excitement. He turned to me and said:

"You can help me if you like Mummy."

"Oh yes, I would love to!" I exclaimed.

"Yes. You can be my chief Lego piece finder."


Thanks. So what is your parenting superpower? npower are partnering with Emily and Peter Andre who will be seeking parents with amazing superpowers throughout the UK.
Here is a little video to give you and idea of what they are looking for:

npower are keen to know what your parenting super powers are. There are three amazing UK theme park resort breaks as prizes. All you need to do is to visit or tweet them @npowerhq and share an image or video of your super powers using #familysuperpowers.

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