New Year Goals For Blogging And For Me


Tuesday 3 January 2017

New Year Goals For Blogging And For Me

Well a belated Happy New Year! I didn't even manage to make it to midnight on New Years Eve, but had fun with friends. Don't worry they had left it wasn't just me snoring on the sofa whilst they partied around me. I was very impressed that the boys managed the mannequin challenge and being the responsible adults that we are, we hid in the conservatory talking whilst the kids played and wrecked the rest of the house. I tried to take a family photo in the morning and this was the best I could get. There is a reason that I have moved to being a more food orientated blog!

family photo

When it comes to resolutions I have given up with hard targets as I tend to fail. Instead I have set myself some vague directions which can be easily achieved to varying levels.

My Goals

1. Continue going to the gym and try and make healthier choices. 

The gym is really important to me. For my sanity more than anything. I worked out years ago that I had to do classes as I have no self discipline in the actual gym itself. My aim is to make it three times a week to a class. When it comes to eating, I just need to stop the snacks. I am a big picker. I have managed to stop before and I need to try and do it again.

2. Think about me more.

I am a typical Mum. For the last 9 years I have put myself behind 3 and often 4 other people. I need to make more time for me and not feel guilty about it.

3. Less social media between 3-7pm

This is a hard one for a blogger who works from home! You really can miss out on opportunities if you are offline for a few hours. However, getting a work/life balance is far more important. So I will aim to be online less at these times. Of course, if I am stuck in the park whilst the boys are playing and there is no one to talk to, I reserve the right to have a peek.

Blogging Goals

1. Improve my photography

I actually cringe at my old photos. Physically cringe. I know that improving my photography is important so that is top of my list. The lovely Nicky from Kitchen Sanctuary recommended an online book from Pinch Of Yum. I have bought this and also booked on a photography session with a local photographer. Hopefully, you will see a difference in my photographs in the coming weeks.

2. Vlogging

Two years ago I said I would start vlogging. Whilst I have a you tube channel, I really need to post more regularly. I am going to aim for once a week. If you have any ideas of vlogs you would like to see, please let me know in the comments!

3. Make an effort to meet other bloggers

Last year I decided that I needed to meet more bloggers. It is actually really great being surrounded by other people that get blogging and vlogging. I went to a number of blogging conferences last year and got something out of each one. Mumsnet was the most inspiring for me and I am hoping to go again next year.

So there are my goals. All achievable. I hope. What are your goals for 2017?

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