Cappuccino Cupcakes


Thursday 26 January 2017

Cappuccino Cupcakes

I made these Cappuccino cupcakes for me. Not for the boys. Me! And my they were good. Obviously I am a bit of a coffee fan. Cake is good too. Combine them and I am even happier.

cappucino cupcakes

I only made six cakes as I am trying not to be naughty at the moment. But you have to have the odd treat now and then. If you want to make 12, just double the mixture. 

Cappuccino Cupcakes

Makes 6 cupcakes

For the cupcakes
  • 2oz butter
  • 2oz caster sugar
  • 1 egg
  • 2 oz self raising flour
  • 1 dessert spoon of instant coffee

For the frosting
  • 150g icing sugar
  • 50g butter
  • 75g cream cheese
  • To decorate I used some chocolate milkshake powder
  1. Preheat the oven to 180C. 
  2. Mix all the cake ingredients together. I find that it is easier if the butter is melted in the microwave first.
  3. Divide the mixture between 6 cupcake cases.
  4. Bake until a skewer comes out clean. Allow to cool before adding the frosting.
  5. To make the cream cheese frosting mix the icing sugar, butter and cream cheese together using an electric whisk.
  6. Pipe this onto each cupcake and add use a small sieve to add some chocolate milkshake powder to each cake.

I have to say that I really enjoyed these. A step away from the usual chocolate or chocolate chip cakes that the boys enjoy. I am going to have to do a bit more baking for me. After making a Boozy Cupcakes Pinterest Board, I think that I need to give Mojito cupcakes a go next! What is your favourite cupcake flavour?

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Cappuccino cupcakes. This coffee cupcake is perfect for a coffee lover. Topped with cream cheese frosting and chocolate

Casa Costello

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