A Day Trip To Enchanting Lapland To See Santa Claus

Saturday, 14 January 2017

A Day Trip To Enchanting Lapland To See Santa Claus


This year we decided to take the boys on a once in a lifetime day trip to Lapland to meet Father Christmas himself. I had done a lot of research into it as these things don’t come cheap. Due to the ages of the boys and the fact that we couldn’t justify any longer due to the cost we opted for the Enchanting Lapland with Canterbury Travel. I will do a second post about things you need to consider about going on a day trip to see Santa and focus this post on what we actually did. I will start by saying that I could not fault the trip in any way and would recommend Canterbury Travel to anyone.

The flight was from Gatwick at 8am. I guess this is the worse part as it means needing to check in early and a very early start. The Enchanted Lapland trip is all inclusive and you really don’t need to spend a penny more during the day.

The flight to Enontekio airport was well under three hours and the views were beautiful as we descended over Finland. Breakfast was served on the plane. At the airport you go through to a warehouse where you are given a plastic bag to put your coat and anything you don’t want to take with you and change into your arctics snowsuit. The only things you need to bring extra are gloves, hats and scarves.

Then it is over to a sleigh ride to Santa’s village. This is pulled by skidoo. My husband rode at the front and the rest of us were in the sleigh with a blanket to cover us. There was some windchill but the views more than made up for it.

Once in the village the first thing to do is to get a time slot to meet Santa and then you are free to choose what you want to do, when you want to do it and as many times as you want.
The reindeer’s are a very slow and relaxing ride.

The huskies a little faster. Then there are the snowmobiles! The boys had a go on the junior one which is pegged into the ground. I. however, braved the real deal on the frozen lake. Scared is an understatement. But hey it was a once in a lifetime trip and I have now done my once in a lifetime snowmobile ride.

When it came to food, there was a beautiful snow palace that you could stop off at to have some warm berry juice and biscuits. There were beautiful sculptures carved into the walls.

The main restaurant served bolognase, jackets, soup and pancakes. It was simple and apart from big man who wont eat tomatoes we were all happy.

The trip to see Father Christmas starts off by checking in to the waiting area. You are then called down to a skiddo pulled sleigh and taken to another waiting area with a log fire. When ready, you are told to walk along a really dark path towards some twinkly lights.

Just outside the hut an elf asked for any letters that the children may have written (mine have never done this so we didn’t have any.) Then you are called to see Santa himself. Santa was lovely and the meeting was short and sweet. Pictures can be taken and then we were off on our way complete with presents which were animal hats. Santa mentioned that he may see us around later and I thought he was just being nice.

We went and did some more tobogganing and then popped in the restaurant for a hot chocolate. Low and behold Santa was there chatting to people. He actually came to wave goodbye to the coaches.

We received certificate for entering the arctic circle as we got on the coach and then headed back to the airport. Here we got dressed back into our normal clothes and pretty much straight onto the plane. Before tea came little man and middle man had fallen asleep.

It was a long day, but filled with new experiences.

The words “Father Christmas listened to me!” coming from middle man on Christmas morning made it all worthwhile. In his stocking was a Fungus Armungus set that he had surprised Father Christmas with asking for. Somehow, however, he had located it last minute and popped it in. Now that is Christmas magic!

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