Monteverde Cloud Forest Guided Tour


Sunday 6 November 2016

Monteverde Cloud Forest Guided Tour

Monteverde Cloud Forest was the second of the three rainforests we visited in Costa Rica. Each region is extremely different so you will see different plants and animals in each type. We had a guided tour for all rainforests and it was really important at Monteverde. If we had walked around by ourselves we would have seen nothing but trees. As it was the birds and animals weren’t playing game, but at least our guide was able to share his immense knowledge of the area with us.

In the cloud forest we were able to spot a hummingbird in it’s nest. I say we. I mean the guide. Without binoculars and and eye on what to look out for you wouldn’t see a thing. The guides are able to set up their binoculars so all the group can take turns in viewing. Smart phones can be placed to take pictures.

We saw a range of plants. The roots of this one grow around the host trunk causing it to rot away. Inside you are left with a hollow where the tree once was.

There was a hanging bridge in the cloud forest that was part of the tour and enabled us to view the canopy from up high.

At the end of the tour you are taken to the hummingbird gallery. Here there is food put out for the hummingbirds so you can see them up close. They are beautiful.

This tour was very different from the tour in La Fortuna and again different from the one in Manuel Antonio. It was less exciting for the children due to their being less animals to see, but they enjoyed the addition of the hanging bridge that we didn’t do elsewhere. It was sad to learn that the population of tree frogs had decreased by half due to a couple of years of warmer weather. We were pleased to see some tadpoles in a log. It was damp and cold but a great contrast to the other areas we visited.

I loved the quirky treehouse restaurant in Monteverde and the thrill of a horse riding trek. But I won’t lie, 2 days was enough for us to see everything we wanted. I was keen to visit the warmer temperatures of Manual Antonio and see the pacific ocean.

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