A Minecraft Birthday Cake Birthday Cake

Friday, 4 November 2016

A Minecraft Birthday Cake Birthday Cake

A Minecraft Birthday Cake Birthday Cake is a bit of a mouthful isn't it? To be honest when big man asked for it I didn't even know what one was! Last year I quite enjoyed making his Surprise Inside Minecraft Birthday cake. I found this Birthday Cake Birthday Cake,  quite hard to make as Minecraft is full of perfect blocks, it is really easy to see that it is not perfectly square!

A Minecraft Birthday Cake Birthday Cake

I wasn't actually going to post about it, as I wasn't that happy with it. But my boy liked it, his friends knew what it was and hopefully it will be helpful to another Mum who is considering making a Minecraft cake.

I made the cake using a standard sponge recipe, 8oz butter, 8oz caster sugar, 4 eggs and 8oz self raising flour. I baked it in two 8 inch square cake tins.

Once cooled I used chocolate butter cream to sandwich the cakes together and then to make the outside of the cake as flat and as square as I could.

Then I chose flavour over ease. This was my big mistake. Rather than using brown ready roll icing, I used a chocolate flavoured icing. This has a totally different texture and was not easy to use. I covered the cake in this and made it as smooth as I could.

I then cut a white icing square for the top of the cake and small squares to go around the edges. I didn't prepare my icing with CMC as the cake wasn't flat. I am still unsure if I should have or not!

Finally I cut red squares and placed them on the top.

It looked OK but next time I will go for an easy anti gravity cake rather than asking my son what he would like! If you are thinking of making a Minecraft cake then checkout my surprise inside one as it was actually easier to make!

As I said, the boys all recognised it and at the end of the day it was looked at for a few seconds before being scoffed so it isn't worth the worry when it isn't Pinterest perfect! Maybe I need to stop being a perfectionist. And after an hour of swinging through the trees, 6 nine year old boys are pretty hungry and would have eaten it no matter what it looked like.

As this was an early birthday celebration, I have promised to make him another cake for his actual birthday. Now this one I like. A cake full of sweets! I am undecided whether to stick to just chocolate or do a penny sweet style one. But you will find out soon enough as it's only a couple of weeks until my baby turns 9. Time does fly!

A Minecraft Birthday Cake Birthday Cake

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