Woodland Walks And Indoor Picnics


Wednesday 12 October 2016

Woodland Walks And Indoor Picnics

One of the challenges in autumn is the weather. One minute the sun is beating down, the next it is pouring with rain. I often find myself on the school run in my thick winter coat and boots. Others in their flip flops. It is a season where you have to make the most of the weather and get out and about when you can.

Last week the weather fooled me into it being a nice day. Well it was a nice day. The boys finished school and we went for a walk in the woods. Little man was excited by the pine cones and conkers that he found on his travels. He wasn't too sure about these prickles though!

We arrived home with the sun still shining and I prepared a little picnic. To mix things up a little I made some chicken and pastrami wraps. I also made some fruit skewers with some plastic cake pop sticks. These were great by themselves but the boys also enjoyed dipping them in the Little Yeos yoghurts.

So all was ready for our outdoor picnic. I called the boys to wash their hands. And with that dark black rain clouds appeared. Fear not. A few blankets were bought downstairs and we had a picnic there instead.

The boys loved the Little Yeos, and with all natural ingredients, so did I. Sometimes it is the simple pleasures in life that are the best. My plans hadn't quite gone as I had hoped but the boys enjoyed their walk outside and the indoor picnic.

As little man had collected some leaves and sticks on our walk we then made some autumn themed pictures. He loves crafting at the best of times but when nature is involved it is even better!

What do you do to make the most of autumn? Have your little ones discovered Little Yeos yet?

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