Win £500 Pizza Express Voucher With A Spooky Face Pizza


Tuesday 18 October 2016

Win £500 Pizza Express Voucher With A Spooky Face Pizza

Who would like to win a £500 Pizza Express gift card? *Jumps up and down with hand in the air* Well you have to be quick! This fun competition ends 19th October. All you need to do is create a spooky face pizza. You can make it, draw it or write about it. Your choice, but it does need ingredients that pizza express use.

I have been at my local Pizza Express doing just that. Yes I have been having a pizza making party for one so I could make my very own spooky face pizza.

making pizza

Whilst I don't think my Jack O Lantern will be winning too many prizes, I can confirm it tasted fantastic.

I used a combination of mushrooms and black olives for the actual face. Then mozzarella and pepperoni for the rest of the pumpkin. Some basil to the top and I was nearly there. The manager *may* have helped me a little by suggesting some peppers to make it look more like a pumpkin. I had never tried these before, but my they are tasty.

So here is my finished spooky face. Can you do better? Probably! Just head over to the Pizza Express site to get all the details and make your own pizza for tea!

Whilst I was there I also had a quick look at their Autumn menu whilst I was waiting for my pizza to cook. Let's just say I think I will be returning pretty soon to try out The Molten Magic Chocolate Fondant!

Anyway without delay, get drawing or making your pizzas to enter. All details can be found here.
Good Luck!

In collaboration with Pizza Express

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