Surprise Inside Halloween Mummy Cupcakes


Thursday 20 October 2016

Surprise Inside Halloween Mummy Cupcakes

These Halloween Mummy cupcakes are sure to give your guests a surprise this Halloween. They are easy to make with some ready made icing and smarties. Then bite inside to get a surprise!

Surprise Inside Halloween Mummy Cupcakes

Each cupcake is filled with some strawberry jam bit cutting a round in the cake.

jam filled cupcakes

Once covered with buttercream and the icing bandages the jam can no longer be seen. 

making halloween mummy cupcakes

A couple of smarties and an icing pen, finishes off these Halloween Mummies. They are both a trick and a treat!

surprise inside halloween Mummy Cupcakes

Surprise Inside Halloween Mummy Cupcakes  Cupcakes

  • 4oz butter
  • 4oz caster sugar Sugar
  • 4oz self raising flour
  • 2 medium eggs

  • For The Mummy Decoration 

  • 150g Butter
  • 300g Icing Sugar
  • Smarties
  • A chocolate icing pen
  • White ready made icing
  • Strawberry jam
  1. Mix the cupcake ingredients together and divide between 12 cupcake cases. Bake at 180C until golden brown and a skewer comes out clean.
  2. Mix the butter and icing sugar together with a small amount of water to make the butter icing.
  3. Cut a circle in the middle of each cupcake. Fill with jam and place the cake back in.
  4. Cover each cake with buttercream.
  5. Roll the icing and cut a circle the same size as your cupcake. Cut this into strips and place on your cake. Trim where necessary.
  6. Use the icing pen to stick on two smarties for eyes and add pupils.

If video is more your thing then I have made a short one here shoeing you how I decorated them,

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