Si5 SpyMissions Croydon: Operation Broken Arrow


Monday 31 October 2016

Si5 SpyMissions Croydon: Operation Broken Arrow

On Saturday we had a special mission at Si5 SpyMissions in Croydon: Operation Broken Arrow. As a family we needed to save London from a missile attack. Not your average lazy Saturday morning! Si5 Spy Missions is a bit like the Crystal Maze for children (although there is a “big kids” mission too!) You are taken around a number of small rooms, completing various tasks, and in our case needed to stop Agent Malice from firing a missile at London. They have a number of children’s parties (dependent on age) and a family mission as well.

Parking was easy at the Q Car Park on Charles Street. On arrival we gave our names and as we were early we sat down to wait for our guide Agent K. There was a party of 8 boys aged around 7-8 who were brimming with excitement as they got called in for their mission.

Agent K arrived and we were told about our mission, Operation Broken Arrow. First we needed to board Agent Malice’s ship. This required big man to pilot us to the ship with his trusty co pilot middle man. Now I should probably say here that I am a little claustrophobic. This was probably the worst part for me as I was in a tiny simulator. But I was fine. There are a lot of small tunnels and tiny rooms with no windows – it is just worth preparing yourself before hand if like me you aren’t great with confined spaces.

We moved from room to room finding passwords and completing challenges. The boys absolutely loved it and it was pitched at just the right level for them. Middle man is 6 and was totally caught up in the mission. So much so, his heart was racing when he thought we had set off the missile. When the launch was aborted, he breathed a huge sigh of relief and announced that we should “just get out of here!”

The tasks were varied and included laser trip wires, puzzle combinations, flight simulation and laser shooting. The mission was carried out in the dark but Agent K did have a small torch. There are lots of small tunnels to crawl through so if you go, don’t wear good clothes. If time is against you, Agent K will step in and help out.

We haven’t done anything like this before, and the boys loved it. Listening to them recount their mission in immense detail to their Nanny was a pleasure. Little man is nearly 5, and at 4 the only mission you are able to do is the Broken Arrow Family mission. He loved it and even told me off for trying to help him up a ladder. A secret agent does not need the help of his Mummy!

We had a great time at Si5 SpyMissions and if we lived nearer I am sure that it would be requested for big man’s next birthday party. I would also recommend the family mission as an experience especially with Christmas on the way. There are other venues in Milton Keynes, Cambridge, Northampton and Nottingham.



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