Eating In A Tree House In Monteverde


Sunday 16 October 2016

Eating In A Tree House In Monteverde


Who wouldn’t want to eat in a tree house? I am a sucker when it comes to quirky restaurants. When I saw that there was a restaurant at the top of a large tree in Monteverde I was going to have a drink there! Infact we liked it so much we went back the following day for dinner. The Tree House Restaurant is in the main town in Monterverde and is quite easy to miss. It was my husband who noticed it as we were having a walk around. A staircase around the trunk of the tree takes you to the bar and restaurant.

When upstairs you can choose to site outside covered by the trees branches or undercover. We chose to have a drink underneath the branches of the trees. The lighting is pretty and there are heaters to keep warm. Monteverde in August isn’t hot and is rather rainy. Just as we were about to leave it did start raining and people sitting where we were did have to run for cover!

As I mentioned earlier, we ate at The Tree House restaurant the following evening. The boys shared some large pizzas and I had a lovely curry. All of the drinks are freshly made. One of the nice things about Costa Rica is all their fresh fruit smoothies. However, if like me you have boys that like apple juice, it is less common.


Prices were pretty much the same as everywhere else in Costa Rica. I guess the same as you would pay in the United States. Costa Rica is only really a cheap place if you go off the beaten track. The tourist resorts are a much higher price.

Eating in a tree house is one of my highlights from Monteverde and if you are visiting soon it is well worth a visit.

What quirky restaurants have you visited around the world?

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