Dear Merlin Customer Services


Saturday 8 October 2016

Dear Merlin Customer Services

Dear Merlin Customer Services

We have loved our Merlin passes. Yes they are expensive but also great value. I have given you loads of free exposure from our days out. I guess that's why I am so annoyed. I have been loyal to you. Spreading the word that Merlin passes are great. Like many pass holders do.

Today, however, you have made me feel worthless. Just a number and not a person. You see I am by myself this weekend with my 3 young boys. We had arranged to meet a friend at Chessington. We were about to leave when I realised my husband had taken 2 of their passes. But hey, they have serial numbers on them. We queue at annual pass booths for hours to get their picture put on. In this day and age you must be able to check that we have them on your computer.


No pass, no entry.

"You can get a friends and family rate."

It might say it in the terms and conditions Merlin, but that doesn't mean it is right.

What is the point of the card with a photo and all the details if there isn't any help when a mistake happens? Why can't you say pay full price entry. Then once you have confirmed that we aren't the lying thieving scum that you thought we were, you would offer a refund?

You have disappointed my boys today, but me even more.

A company I once raved about is now a company that has reduced me to tears of frustration. One that is unwilling to help. One that would rather charge me twice for entry than look into the pass numbers and confirm that we do have passes.

It is lazy and it is bad customer service.


One disappointed premium annual pass holder.

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