A Sprint To The Grave

Friday, 14 October 2016

A Sprint To The Grave

So here is the deal. Yesterday at school pick up I heard some other Mum's chatting.

"Well it's Harvest Festival next week." one exclaimed.

I smugly laughed to myself as they were clearly confused. Harvest festival isn't until the middle of October. Right by half term. Oh crap!

I am not sure how it is nearly half term. I mean it was only Christmas a couple of months ago.

I am not ready. My baby has only just started school. I am supposed to be getting organised. I feel less organised now he is at school than when he was at home. I haven't even had time for the daytime TV binge fest I had planned.

Where is time going? Will it ever slow down? Am I now on a constant sprint to the grave?

Part of me wants a time turner and the other part just wants to stop time. To take a breath and appreciate my not so little boys. They are changing so fast. I can hardly keep up.

I want to remember the little things.

Little man and his skipping. "When I am happy I skip Mummy. When I am really happy I skip really fast."

Middle man contemplating "who I will be married to in 20 years?"

Big man and his loom bands. Yes you have read that correctly. The craze that ended 2 years ago is still alive in this house. Mainly thanks to big man's entrepreneurial skills of managing to get my sisters friend to give him a pound for the one he made her so that he could make more.

These things wont last forever. But sometimes I wish they would. I get all melancholy. Then out of the blue I am reminded that them growing up isn't all bad. Little man comes home with 5 cereal packets hanging together by sellotape.

"It's a robot Mummy"

I smile and say "Oh Wow! How great!" whilst thinking how can I get that in the recycling without him noticing.

Maybe time can slow down once he has left the junk modelling world of reception.

So is it just me or does time really go faster the older you get?

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