The School Home Visit, Round 3

Friday, 9 September 2016

The School Home Visit, Round 3

boy with soft toy monkey

Yesterday saw the school home visit for little man. It seems like only yesterday that I nervously awaited the teacher and teaching assistant for big man starting school. I had so many questions and they were there to reassure me that everything would be OK as much as they were for him.

I blinked and it was middle man's home visit. He has now decided that he would rather own a snow tubing slope than becoming a vet and thankfully there were no feet stuck into the faces of anyone at little mans visit.

I blinked again, another 2 years have flown by and it is nearly time for little man to start school. He is more than ready. So am I. I think.....

Of course I am trying to cram some special time in with him before he starts school full time. I have even taken him to soft play (aka hell on earth.) The guilt has set in. I haven't done anything with my baby. Clearly I have, but I'm so tired of the general looking after 3 humans that I can't remember one occasion in the past 4 1/2 years.

It is this blank mind that caused me a problem on this visit. So many questions about my gorgeous boy. Could I answer them? "Uummmm....." No wonder there are so many "they're the third child" jokes. I could barely remember his name. And let's face facts. I called him the wrong name, twice, when he started pre school.

What is he good at? Um
What does he like? Um
Is he a good sleeper? Um
Does he know his letters? Um

Honestly if this lovely lady didn't know me (she has had the "pleasure" of teaching my other sons) she would have probably thought I had walked in off the streets rather than be his mother!

Little man probably took my silence as a guide. He just smiled blankly at her. Considering he hadn't stopped talking for the last 5 hours he came across as quiet and reserved. He ran upstairs to get various soft toy animals that he had in his room and all was going well. I'm hoping he didn't tell the TA that he is feeding his white faced monkey so it doesn't eat squirrel monkeys as I feel that this is role play a step too far!

I told the teacher how I was adamant that he started school on Wednesday but thanks to Facebook had found out it was Thursday. She thought I was joking when I offered little man's services in preparing her classroom on Wednesday if she needed it. Ah well it was worth a try.

So everything is set for little man to start school. The day I have been waiting for through the endless tantrums. But he has turned a corner. He is lovely to be with. And now it is time for him to be with someone else. And although I thought I was more than ready, now I'm not so sure.

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