Tear And Share Chocolate and Toffee Bread


Friday 9 September 2016

Tear And Share Chocolate and Toffee Bread

tear and share chocolate bread

This week is bread week on GBBO so I made this easy and delicious tear and share chocolate and toffee bread. It is basically an iced bun recipe, with added chocolate pieces and toffee sauce.


500g Strong white flour
7g easy bake yeast
275ml milk
50g butter
1tsp salt

toffee sauce
chocolate (I used 1/2 packet of Galaxy counters)

icing sugar

Heat the milk in a pan and add the butter. Once melted allow the milk to cool.
Put all the other bread ingredients including the egg into a bowl and mix together.
Add the cooled milk and butter mixture and make into a dough.
Knead for around 10 mins on a lightly floured surface.
Leave to rise in the bowl covered with a tea towel. This took about 2 hours.
Knock the air out of the dough by kneeding a few times. Then roll out into a rectangle.

I split the mixture in half here as I was using an 8 inch tin.

Add chopped chocolate pieces and toffee sauce.

Roll this up and cut into 12 equal balls and put in a greased tin.

making chocolate bread

Cook at 180C until golden brown.

Allow to cool before drizzling with icing and some chocolate chunks.

Tear a piece off and enjoy. Sharing is optional.

tear and share chocolate bread

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This tear and share bread is delicious. It is filled with toffee sauce and chocolate chips. If you make it you might not want to share it!

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