Pumpkin Party Favors


Monday 12 September 2016

Pumpkin Party Favors

pumpkin party favors

These pumpkin party favors are easy to make, and you could even use it as a Halloween craft activity at a party you are organizing. When it comes to Halloween I am more into the idea of cute pumpkins and witches hats than blood and gore. My kids are all about the sweet treats!

To make these pumpkin party favors you will need:

Lollipops (I used some jumbo ones.)
Orange felt
Green foam flower shapes
Green pipe cleaner
Black foam
Bostik Glu dots

making pumpkin party favors

Cut a square of orange felt that will cover the lollipop. Secure it my wrapping some Halloween ribbon around it.

Use a glu dot to secure the green foam flower to the top of the lollipop. Cut a piece of pipe cleaner. Bend both ends so that they aren't sharp. then curl into a circle and stalk and secure with another glu dot.

Cut out eyes and a mouth from black foam and again stick them on with glu dots.

These pumpkin party favours are simple to make and thanks to the Bostik glu dots there is no mess making it a more enjoyable craft experience with the children! These would also be great for trick or treaters.

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spooky spider sandwich

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I am part of the Bostik Bloggers group and received the crafting products to use in this post.

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