First Week Of School


Sunday 25 September 2016

First Week Of School

I can't quite believe that little man has completed his first week of school. When big and middle man started school I never had that feeling that they were ready. Little man was ready last September. I guess it's a third child thing. He see's his brothers and wants to be like them. School has been a long time coming for both him and me!

So what has the first week been like?

He has been fantastic. He asks me to come to his door to watch walk in and I get a few cuddles on the way before he bounces off with his bookbag in hand. No looking back. He seems to have been making friends but does not see the need for worrying about what their names are.

Of course with it being reception we have had more than our fair share of recycling returned to us. He actually bought home an empty innocent smoothie box one day so that he could put a soft toy in it. No decoration. Nothing! We have had a rocket ship too which has just made me feel bad about my housewife skills. I don't even iron let alone have scented ironing water! Now I have the job of trying to remove these pieces of art from the house. Easier said than done. No doubt I will blame it on Daddy getting confused and putting it in the recycling.

It was Thursday night that little man put the fear of God into me. "Travelling Piglet will be going home with someone this weekend" little man announced with a wide grin on his face. Oh my, how could I have forgotten about that grubby little pig? More importantly, how on earth is it still in one piece? Big man looked after him 5 years ago. Complete with his Estee Lauder wash bag. Clearly this piglet is well looked after! I am pleased to report that his teacher doesn't hate me as much as I feared as we haven't been asked to look after his this weekend. That black cloud will be over our heads for a bit longer I guess.

Talking of black clouds we also have Biff, Chip and Kipper back in our lives. Little man, upset my the lack of homework he has received is demanding we read the ones we have at home. (I knew I should have binned them when I had the chance. Third time round of their exploits is not a reading journey I cherish.)

So at the moment it is so far, so good. He is extremely tired and most nights there have been tears about nothing, but that will soon pass. My little man is now trying his hardest to be a big boy and he is thriving.

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