Making Time For Me (And Some New Glasses.)

Thursday, 29 September 2016

Making Time For Me (And Some New Glasses.)

You may remember that a couple of weeks ago, I wrote a post about what to say to a Mum whose youngest is starting school. As a result, last week, I tried to make some time for myself inbetween running around after the children. I even found myself at Go Ape, hanging with my thigh stuck through a metal hoop. Just call be Bridget Jones the second.

I also we went shopping for the first time in I don't know how long. When you look back at pictures of you taken 8 years ago and you are still wearing the same jumper it can say one of two things. 1. That is a very high quality jumper and a timeless piece if fashion. 2. You need a new wardrobe. In my case it was the latter!

I was therefore delighted when Specsavers asked me if I would like to review a pair of their new Cath Kidston glasses. Just like clothes, glasses are a major part of your appearance and there is no reason why you shouldn't have a few pairs to go with your outfit. I love Cath Kidston prints. I have even been on a Cath Kidston inspired cake decorating course! I was therefore interested to see what the new range of glasses would look like. Most of the Cath Kidston detailing is on the arms of the glasses. Subtle and not over powering.

arm of cath kidston glasses

I had a quick eye test to check that my prescription hadn't changed and then tried on a few pairs. My decision was pretty easy and I went for these beauties. You can see the shapes of the Cath Kidston glasses on the Specsavers website, but I would suggest going into store to have a proper look as it is the arms that have the patterns on. They come in the buy one get one free offer as well so you can get a spare. If you chose a big pair like mine, I would recommend upgrading your lenses to have the anti glare coating. They will explain in store how this makes a difference but it will help with the glare from lights at night as well as there being less of a reflection when people look at you.

They come in a lovely case with a beautiful cleaning cloth. Who knows it might even tempt me to clean mine as it is so pretty! (Ssshhhh I don't usually use my jumper and scratch my lens' - honest!)
I also received a 15% off voucher when spending £35 at Cath Kidston and a Specsavers golden ticket, entitling me or a friend to a discount on Specsavers glasses within the next 6 months. Bargain!

I am really pleased with my new glasses and also pleased that I have started to make some time for me. Of course having a job that you love helps with the me time too, so I will be baking more in the coming weeks and have decided that I will be looking into some healthy recipes too. Afterall, if I have just bought a whole new wardrobe, I don't want to ruin it by baking too many cakes resulting in an expanding waistline. Maybe my next task should be how to take a good selfie?

specs slefie

How do you spend your me time?

I received the eye test and a voucher to purchase the basic set of glasses for the purpose of this post. I paid a small amount to upgrade my lenses.

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