How To Buy Olive Oil And Three Great Recipes Using Olive Oil


Monday 1 August 2016

How To Buy Olive Oil And Three Great Recipes Using Olive Oil

Olive oil is olive oil right?


I have to confess that the info-graphic below has taught me a lot about the subject. I knew that you weren't meant to use extra virgin olive oil for cooking and had been a bit surprised when I went on an Italian cooking course and everything was cooked in olive oil. Luckily I now have olive oil guide to make sure I am using the right olive oil for the ingredients I am using.


From Visually.

If you are looking for some recipes for using olive oil then I have a few good ones I can share.

Olive oil is perfect to use in a light and fluffy homemade pizza base. This mushroom, rocket and pesto pizza is a great change from the usual meat feast.

These churros with chocolate sauce were a hit with everyone in the family.

churros and chocolate sauce

A good extra virgin olive oil mixed with balsamic vinegar is a delicious It tasted fantastic drizzled over this pear and halloumi ciabatta. 

What is your favourite way to use olive oil? Don't forget to check out Jamie's Italian Facebook Page.

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