Easy Steak Pie With Blue Cheese Crust


Wednesday 10 August 2016

Easy Steak Pie With Blue Cheese Crust

Steak Pies with blue cheese crust

This steak pie with blue cheese crust recipe is simple to make and I make the pie filling first in the slow cooker. This means that I can then make blue cheese crust for me and my husband and just use plain pastry for the boys. The key to this is just making sure that you roll the pastry thin enough, so that it cooks through properly.

Easy Steak Pie with Blue Cheese Crust.

Serves 2 adults and 3 children

For the pie filling you will need:

500g stewing steak
1 can on vegetable soup
200ml of reduced salt bisto
1 onion diced.

For the crust:
I pack of ready rolled short crust pastry
Blue cheese
1 beaten egg 

Place all the ingredients for the pie filling in a slow cooker and heat on low for 5 hrs.

Divide the mixture into the pie dishes.

For the plain pastry pies, cut the pastry so that it is a little bigger than the pie dishes. Brush with egg and pierce two lines in the top.

making a steak pie

Crumble a couple of slices of blue cheese into the remaining pastry. Roll as thin as you can and then cut these around the die dish. Again brush with egg and pierce the top.

Cook for 25 mins at 180C.

Enjoy with a mix of vegetables.

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Steak pie with blue cheese crust

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