Costa Rica In August


Tuesday 23 August 2016

Costa Rica In August

Costa Rica fields and flag

You may think that travelling to Costa Rica in August I would be worried about poison dart frogs, snakes, crocodiles, or the many other deadly animals that my children had told me about from watching Steve Backsall in Deadly 60. Strangely I wasn't. The one thing I was a little worried about travelling to Costa Rica in August was the weather. May to November is the green season in Costa Rica. Also known as their rainy season! I had absolutely no idea how much it would rain and more importantly what to wear!

rain cloud out to sea

As it turned out, Costa Rica was extremely kind to us. The rain didn't get in the way. We visited 3 different areas of Costa Rica, each with a different climate. One thing that was invaluable were the waterproof jackets kindly supplied to us by Blacks. As they were lightweight it meant that they could easily be carried around in our backpacks ready for an impending downpour. They are incredibly thin meaning that they don't make you too hot either. Unlike back in the UK, it is still hot when it rains in Costa Rica.

Arenal was the first part of Costa Rica we visited. It is home to an active volcano and many hotels boast heated springs from it. Here the rain was at it's most unpredictable. One day it would rain at 5pm, another all morning. It always rained overnight meaning drying swimming clothes was hard work. This was our going out to dinner style.

We then traveled to Monteverde. Home of the Cloud Forest. Here there was rain in the air most of the time.

hanging bridge in Monteverde

You might even need your raincoat if you ate the in quirky Treehouse restaurant. It stayed dry for our horseriding trek, but we were taking no chances and wore our raincoats anyway.

horseriding in Monteverde

Finally we headed to Manuel Antonio which is along the pacific coast. Here the weather was magnificent. There was rain in the night but the days were beautiful, even though some were cloudy.

Manuel Antonio National Park

As it turned out, I shouldn't have worried about the weather at all. Obviously I can't guarantee that the weather would be the same again, but it certainly didn't ruin our holiday. I think as long as you are sensible and take the right clothing then the beginning of August is a fantastic time to visit Costa Rica. Let's face it, with the UK weather as it is, it is likely that any waterproof clothing you buy is going to be used at home too.

If you would like to follow our travels from planning our trip to the tours we took, then I will be writing about them all on my travel blog A Strong Coffee To Go. You can follow A Strong Coffee To Go on Facebook.

waterproof jackets

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A big thanks to Blacks for the waterproof jackets. They will be well used here too!

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