Don't Play With Your Food....


Monday 18 July 2016

Don't Play With Your Food....

Bugles spelling yum

Today I am eating my words just as quickly as I am eating these Walkers Bugles! It was only at lunch time that I was telling middle man not to play with his food. To use a knife and fork. "I'm only eating the gravy with my hands" was his reply. Urgh!

The trouble with the new Walkers Bugles is that their fun shape just makes you want to play with them. I defy you not to try and stick them on your fingers and make a claw and pretend you are an eagle or a witch.

bugles on fingers

There are three new flavours and they all taste good. You can choose from Cheese, Southern Style BBQ and Sour Cream and Black Pepper.

So if you are going to play with your food you might as well do it properly and turn it into a guessing game!

First up, there is something fishy about this one....

fish food art using bugles

This was roarfully easy to make....

Bugles dinoasaur food art

I hope you aren't too slow to guess this one!

snail food art

Have you tried Walkers Bugles yet? They really are delicious fun shaped crunchy cones that you can't keep your hands off! What would you do with your Bugles?

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