Confessions Of A Summer Parent

Saturday, 2 July 2016

Confessions Of A Summer Parent

The confessions of a summer parent challenge is sponsored by Anchor. They realise that the six week summer holiday isn't always the perfect world that it may be portrayed on Facebook and can be a challenge for parents. If you work from home then there is even more juggling than usual, so hints and tips to keep the kids entertained so you can get on with things is essential. I decided to make a little vlog with my confessions of how to keep my sanity and have happy children.

As I said in my video, if you can prolong snack/lunch/dinner time by getting them involved then everyone is a winner. These funny face biscuits always keep mine entertained as basically it is an excuse for them to put as many sweets as possible on a biscuit whilst trying to resemble some kind of human features. And hey if I am having a bad day then I'm going to make myself one too, to enjoy with a strong coffee! 

Of course if you feel like a perfect mum then you could make some biscuits or cakes with the kids first. However, I find that 3 boys fighting over a bag of flour in my kitchen stresses me out a lot, and kind of defeats the whole purpose of the exercise. Therefore I buy it all ready made apart from the butter icing which I can quickly make myself.

You will need:
A selection of sweets
Rich tea Biscuits
1 dessert spoon of Anchor spreadable
3 dessert spoons of icing sugar

Make the butter icing by mixing the Anchor spreadable and icing sugar together.

Spread this on the rich tea biscuit.

Use to the sweets to create a face.

making funny face biscuits

So I have confessed, please share yours! How do you get through what can be a very long six weeks?

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simple holiday activity making funny face biscuits

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