AquaPlane Review


Tuesday 19 July 2016

AquaPlane Review

aquaplane swimming aid

AquaPlane is a new swimming aid that I was keen to try out with the boys. With the summer holidays nearly upon us, we are looking forward to some family time and fun at the pool. The boys are coming on leaps and bounds with their swimming, but I don't feel that middle man and little man are strong enough swimmers yet to be left in the pool without any flotation. AquaPlane sent us one of their swimming aids to try out and I think it will be great for middle man. At 6 he is getting a bit big for armbands, so something like this would not only help him with his swimming, it looks pretty cool too.

There are two Velcro straps that go across the body. It can also be used as a float to improve strokes and stamina for more confident swimmers.

As middle man is still at school, I thought I would try AquaPlane out on little man. He is 4 and can swim around 5-10m by himself. I would say that he is on the smallest side for the float to fit. He is just over 1m and complained a few times that it was hitting his head. This was mainly due to the fact that he was trying to hold onto the side rather than swim. He also complained that it was harder than armbands. Personally, I think this is good as it will build his strength and position him correctly.

boy wearing aquaplane swimming aid

The warning message on the float is very important. It can be tempting to see the boys swimming nicely with an aid such as this but it is easy for things to go wrong. When we were in the pool the bottom strap came undone and little man immediately panicked. I think he must have caught it when he was getting in an out of the pool, but it is a reminder than you shouldn't solely rely on swimming aids.

I was pleased with how the AquaPlane positioned little man in the water and shall be taking it on holiday with us this August. So you should see more of it in my Instagram feed soon! You can purchase the Aqua plane in a variety of colours from Amazon.

Have you used the AquaPlane with your children? Did you find it useful?

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