Always Discreet: Breaking The Last Taboo


Sunday 3 July 2016

Always Discreet: Breaking The Last Taboo

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Last Thursday I went to London for a Press Screening with a difference. The topic? Adult Incontinence (AI). Now whilst a few of my friends have joked about not going on a trampoline after having children, I didn't really know anything about this. It's not the kind of thing people talk about.

Until now.

The screening was organised to break the taboo. To start conversations about the subject. To let women that suffer from this know that they aren't alone. Anything but. I was shocked to discover that 1 in 3 women will suffer from AI. Now that is a lot of people not talking about it.

The screening was opened by a clip from Dr Sarah Javis who explained that many women struggled with the thought that having AI made them older than their years. It consumed their thoughts and stopped them doing many things including exercise. You can watch the story of these inspirational women here.

The main thing I came away with from the screening is that we as women shouldn't be ashamed of our bodies. If we have a problem, we should seek medical advice no matter how embarrassing. Funding will only be increased if more people seek help and ask for referrals. Always Discreet have a solution for today. Their liners and pads are thin yet protective. Their absorbent core quickly turns liquid to get and also removes odours.

If you need more information on AI then you can head to the Always Discreet website. Finding the right solution for you will change everything. So if you are suffering in silence, please seek some advice. Life is too short to let AI stop you enjoying yourself.

This is a commissioned post.

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