The Rollercoaster Restaurant Alton Towers


Friday 10 June 2016

The Rollercoaster Restaurant Alton Towers

Rollercoaster restaurant

I am one for gimmicks, so when I saw that Alton Towers were opening a Rollecoaster Restaurant, I wanted to go. It seems I was not the only one, as they were already really booked up! We ended up choosing to have a late lunch on the first day that we visited the park. You need a park ticket to visit the Rollercoaster Restaurant in the day, however, if you book when the park is closed in the evening you don't.

inside rollercoaster restaurant

The Rollercoaster Restaurant is situated in the Forbidden Valley area of the part, next to Galatica and near Nemisis. We had our reservation for 4.00pm. Whilst the restaurant looked quite empty, they weren't allowing people in without a booking as they were preparing for the dinner shift.

We were seated and given an explanation as to how everything works. Each seat has a number. You order your food from an ipad and send it to the kitchen. We were told that it comes pretty quickly so we ordered our drinks first, to get an idea of what it is like.

It is really run watching your food come to you on a mini rollercoaster! All the plates, glasses and cutlery you will need are on a spinning disc in the middle.

food delivered by rollercoaster

There is a reasonable choice in the lunch menu. The kids menu is good and the boys were pleased with their meals. Big man had sausage and mash and the other two had macaroni cheese with garlic bread. I was disappointed that they were out of the chicken curry that I had been looking forward to. I instead opted for a chicken burger, which was nice enough.

kids sausage and mash

For dessert, we got the boys a sharing chocolate fondue. The chocolate did get a bit shaken on the ride!


There are big screens playing all the time, and remind you of the rollercoasters from days gone by which is really nice. My first experience of a rollercoaster was in the front row of the corkscrew at Alton Towers. I also have some happy memories of the Black Hole from my youth!

The Rollercoaster restaurant is on the pricey side. Mainly the drinks, as they are around £3 for a bottle of Coke. However, if you have a Merlin pass then you get a discount, bringing it to a much more reasonable price. Either way, it isn't somewhere you would go every day so I would recommend it. 

It was a shame that the restaurant wasn't busier when were were there as it is great fun watching other people get their food. We particularly liked the tables that had a coaster with a loop the loop. A Capri Sun seemed to have escaped earlier in the day!

loop the loop

Here is a little video so you can get the idea of what it is like.

Have you visited the Rollercoaster Restaurant yet? What did you think?

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