Star Wars Mini Builds For Father's Day & Giveaway!


Monday 13 June 2016

Star Wars Mini Builds For Father's Day & Giveaway!

Star Wars Books

Stuck for Father's Day ideas? Yes me too. But luckily Egmont came to the rescue with these Star Wars activity books. Whilst I still haven't made it through a whole episode of Star Wars, the men in my house think it is fantastic. My husband was over the moon that he could take big man to the cinema to watch The Force Awakens earlier this year.

Daddy and big man have been bonding this weekend with the Star Wars: Smuggler's Starship: Activity Book and Model (Star Wars Construction Books) (Don't let on but he will be receiving the Star Wars: Battle Stations: Activity Book and Model (Star Wars Construction Books) where they can build a mini ATAT for Father's Day.)

As you can see, they took the the mini build very seriously. Big man popped out the foam shapes and then arranged them into similar sizes. Then they carefully read the instructions, both with the same look of  concentration.

The instructions were easy to follow and parts fitted well together.

building a millenium falcon

All of a sudden, however, disaster occurred. Piece "O" was missing. Cue a scrabble around the floor to find it. Big man located the missing piece and was rather proud. Daddy and son were very happy with the build. Here it is close up.

star wars mini build

In addition to the mini build, there is an activity book with a variety of puzzles including wordsearches, mazes and sequences. Luckily the answers are in the back too! If this sounds like something that your Star Wars fan (young or old) might enjoy then you can purchase these books from Amazon.


I am also delighted to be able to offer a copy of the Star Wars Smugglers Activity Book as a prize. Just complete the Gleam entry below. Good Luck!

Star Wars: Smuggler's Starship: Activity Book and Model

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