Meeting Little Man


Wednesday 1 June 2016

Meeting Little Man

38 week bump

Little man's pregnancy was filled with worry. Numerous tests. It was my last pregnancy and not one I was able to enjoy. At 38 weeks I was booked in for a section. At last we would get to meet out little man and for the first time be reassured that everything was ok. For the first time, we were excited and wanted to show him to the world.

Top of the list was for him to see his big brothers. Big man was nearly 4 and was excited about meeting his new baby brother. Middle man was only 21 months. A baby himself really. We read him books about the arrival of the new baby. We let him feel my bump.

As I couldn't go straight home, my parents bought the boys up in the afternoon. So we could proudly show them their little brother. I couldn't wait to see their faces. Their interest and intrigue. A picture of our three boys together.

meeting a new baby

Yes you are correct. There are not 3 young boys in this photo. Things weren't quite as perfect as I had imagined they would be. Whilst big man was overjoyed by the arrival of his brother, middle man was less convinced. So much so he ran out of the ward muttering "No, no, no, no, no!"

Instead of getting to know his baby brother, he decided to look in the other cots instead.

Luckily my sister's excitement lifted my spirits.

meeting a baby

Once home though, I am pleased to say that middle man warmed to the idea of having a baby brother. He even decided he would cuddle his little brother in a photo. Well as long as he could wear his Bob the Builder hat.

family photo

Not quite the magical moment that I had planned in my head, but it certainly made the first time little man met his brothers a memorable one. One that we can now chuckle over.

How did your little ones react to their new arrival? What milestones are special to you?

This is my entry to the Tots100/WaterWipes Baby Milestones challenge.

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