Turning Twenty Again


Monday 16 May 2016

Turning Twenty Again

With my 40th Birthday hurtling towards me at a rate of knots, it has sent me back into the tantrum throwing teenage years. Infact, my behaviour has probably been worse than my 4 year old. Decade birthdays are a big thing. Well at least Facebook tells me they are. Yes, I know I really need to keep my distance with that social media platform.  Massive parties, extravagant trips, celebrations that continue for months. All my friends are turning 40 and doing it in style.

So what am I doing? Well not much is the answer. If money wasn't an object, then I would be on holiday. Lazing around a swimming pool with one of those giant piƱa colada's in a pineapple. 

There are two problems with this:
1. Money is an object
2. I have 3 kids. I haven't lazed around a pool since my early thirties. Generally these days it is more of a case of perching on the side of a splash pool hoping a bucket of water doesn't pour on my head.

So what should I do to mark this momentous birthday? Well after a lot of thought, I have decided that denial is the best option. I don't feel forty and until I decide on what I would like to do, I will continue in my bubble where I will turn twenty again. After all, what forty year old would insist that for a date with their husband they should go to Thorpe Park and ride the big 5? When they haven't been on a roller-coaster since there twenties and now have the fear. That is far more the kind of thing that someone in their twenties would do!

As the saying goes, you are only as young as the woman you feel, so I am 38 and have 2 more years to work out what to do for my 40th. For now I will just sit back and smile in the knowledge that I plucked up enough courage to do Stealth and loved it! 

picture after riding stealth

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