L'Atelier Des Chefs Street Food Class With Tefal Ingenio


Tuesday 3 May 2016

L'Atelier Des Chefs Street Food Class With Tefal Ingenio

A couple of  weeks ago I was invited to L'Atelier Des Chefs to cook some Street Food. Located in central London, the idea is that you can take a thirty minute class to learn something new and eat what you have made. I think it is probably a good idea that I don't work in central London as I would be booking up all the time.

The event was hosted by Tefal to showcase their Ingenio range which is used all the time at the cookery school. I have to say I was slightly dubious about using them. Basically you have a set of pans with one handle that can be moved from one to another at a click of a button. This means that you can also put the pan straight in the oven. If you are interested in finding out more about the pans, I have made a short video below.

Our chef for the afternoon was Ibolya Olah. She was really friendly and explained everything which is important in a mixed ability class. I have never been on a cookery course before so all the hints and tips she gave us were really useful. We made a frittata in truffled tomato sauce and chicken shawarma with homemade wraps. Both were delicious and simple and I have made both at home since.

Although a frittata is an easy dish to make, I have to confess that I have never managed to get it right. Part of the reason is I have cooked it on the hob and then had to grill the top rather than put it in the oven because of the frying pan handle. This is not a problem with the ingenio range as you just take the handle off!

The key to cooking a perfect frittata is to chop the ingredients finely so that they cook quickly, and make sure they go in the pan in the right order. Potatoes first, a few minutes later the pepper and lastly the onion. This should mean they are all cooked through perfectly. The tomatoes complement the dish really well, and from cooking it at home, I now realise that it is best to use fresh ingredients rather than a pot of smoked paprika that has been in the back of the cupboard for ages. Of course you can mix around with the ingredients in the frittata and I am looking forward to trying one with come chorizo in.

The chicken shawarma was equally delicious. I had never even considered making my own wraps before, but again it was really simple and it is worth checking out the recipe.

The class is run so that you are working in a group to make the dish and then you share it out. I hadn't really considered this before but it makes sense and everyone chips in before sharing the meal together.

I had a lovely afternoon, learning lots and enjoying using the Ingenio range. Have you tried any cookery classes that you would recommend?

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